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10 most important things to remember while doing export

Nowadays doing export known as very popular trading all around the world. Traders always want to precede their business towards doing export as they want to get high turnover and want to be popular all around the world. Our government also appreciates us to do exporting the goods and services as the exports are not taxable at all. But it is not simple as said. There are so many things to be remembered and the documentation is also important to keep in mind.

These followings are the documents which is necessary to have while doing export and after that we will have look on the brief knowledge about all these documents.

  • Pro Forma invoice
  • Coo certificate or country of origin
  • Customs packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Shipping bill
  • Bill of lading or airway bill
  • Letter of credit
  • Bill of sight
  • Export license
  • Health certificate
  • Warehouse receipt

The Pro forma invoice: – this invoice is same as a purchase order which is done by the needy person of the goods before the sale. It is based on the term and conditions which have made between the exporter and importer through any communication medium.

Coo certificate:-country of origin certificate(coo) is a kind of declaration certificate which proofs that the goods which is shipped is fully produced or manufactured by the particular country from where it is shipping.

Customs packing list: – The customs packing list is usually attached with the shipped goods in the water proof pouch. This document contains the list and numbers of goods which is exported to the particular country.

Commercial invoice: – this document is very important to issue by the exporter to the importer because the custom clearance department will always ask for the document as it contains the whole description about the goods which is going to shipped at the destiny. For example:- quantity of goods, selling price, weight, volume, packing cost, term of delivery or payments and then the custom representative will match all the things with the order and then they will decides that whether they should confirm the goods to reach at the port or not.

Shipping bill: – This is known as a traditional way which is used by the exporters since very long and it is always submit by the custom online software system (ICEGATE) and for making this document exporter have to keep required document by the ICEGATE.

Bills of lading: – the bill of lading use to issue by the carrier to the shipper which is an evidence of the transport for the goods which is must be signed by the authorized signatory.

Letter of credit: – letter of credit is shared by the bank of importer which mean the importer are doing payment on the behave of their mutual terms and condition. The order can only dispatched if the exporter have this letter of credit to them.

Bill of sight: – The bill of sight declares that, the nature of the goods which is being shipped is unsure to the exporter. And this bill indicates the importers to make sure about the shipped goods and then only they should do payment. However along with the bill of sight the exporter have to send the letter which shows the allowance of the importer.

Export license: – all the business entities must have a export license so that the custom could forward the goods for to the destiny. This should only produced by the shipper of the good according to the goods which is going to be shipped.

Health certificate: – This certificate is only mandatory at the time when the exporting goods are related to the food material. Health certificate is issued by the authorized government organization from where the shipping is going to start. The motive of the certificate is to indicate that the food materials are fully safe to consume.

Warehouse receipt: – the warehouse receipt is only needed when the ICD is involved and it is generated when all the realistic freight charges and export duties of custom have clear.

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