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There are many insurance agencies in India . basically its a agreement between two parties, one of these are insurance company and second one is individual .both have their official names and that is the insurance companies known as the ( insurer) and the individuals who get insurance from companies is known as (insured).this plan has not made just for any particular person its made for anyone who want to be secure by any manner it could be any company no matter it provides any services or goods ,or any individual can easily opt this plan .they just need to complete some paper formalities and have to agree with the terms and conditions of the company . so know its time to know something different about this insurance that how does it works and why people want to have this plan in their lives to thrive ,and many more…

so generally insurances is all about protection which gives a kind of protection to their customers .insurances companies provides so many kind of insurances to the needed person and they have both online and offline ways to opt insurance now its all up to us whichever we want to take within both of these.

Types of insurance .

Now these are the types of insurances which we have provided by the insurance companies India. lets know more about all of these in detail.

  • Life insurance : This insurance is kind of must thing specially for them whose family are dependent on a single income and after the death of insured person company gives the premium amount to the  beneficiary of he deceased person . beneficiary is the person who get the amount of the person who die but her/his name should be mentioned in the documents.
  • Car insurance : car insurance is kind of compulsory of those who are the daily usually travels on vehicle and it is against law as well ,its intention is to protect the daily users from the ongoing dangerous accidents .
  • Pet insurance: this insurance has made for every pet owners who don’t want to protect their pets and whenever their pets get ill they could easily claim the amount on their pet .
  • Health insurance : everybody should opt thishealth insurance so that they don’t have to bear the high speed increasing meter of fund and could easily claim the amount from their insurer and can get their health well.
  • Travel insurance: if you are planning for a trip and afraid of any unwanted accident of your luggage ,any accident while travelling get you can get this insurance for your medical expenses as well but only while traveling .this insurance are is specially made for those who are not familiar with the place where they are planning to go so that they no need to worry about anything while travelling .
  • Homeowner insurance : if somebody is the owner of any house or land garage, balcony ,porch building and want to protect them from any damage like fire ,flood and etc and want to keep them high valuable than every kind of owner can opt this homeowner insurance .

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