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Difference between FD and RD

As we all know that everybody love to earn money but only earning is not going to work in this high speed raising inflation . that’s why investors wants their money to grow without doing endeavor And without getting risk .one of major benefit to opt these two investment options are investors never have to recall the things about their invested amount they will get automatically all details at the time of maturity and also if investors want to calculate their maturity amount than they can simply use the FD calculator so that they can easily find their actual amount without having doubt .

That’s why they found two ways to invest their money wisely and by these ways they never ever had to bear risk and top of that they willget nice interest on their principal amount as pertenure.And that two ways are FD(fixed deposit) and RD(recurring deposit) both are mostly sounds same but we need to know more about these investment product .so when you get to know about both saver investment than you will get to know that you can earn better by fixed deposit as compare to recurring deposit .now let’s discuss about both of these.

What is fixed deposit ?

If we talk about FD than it is known as a investment plan where investors just have choose a bank and have to deposit a lump sum amount and after a particular period bank will revert your principal amount with interest .

  • because it is a fixed deposit and as it’s name has already pretended that investors need to fix their amount at onetime
  • Tenure could be 7days to 10years
  • It is very suitable investment plan for those who are getting income or pension.

Also if you want to get a better return on your fixed deposit than you should opt fixed deposit.

Now you must have thinking that now after knowing the most of the differences between both of the risk free investment plans what should i opt , so now differences are clear you just have to acknowledge the best option for you in which you would feel comfortable and will stay stick with the plan .

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