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Director identification number


Director identification number (DIN) is a unique number of a director which is allotted by the government to any of the person who intended to be a director or existence director in any company. If a single director is have directorship in two or more than companies then also the director number will be remain same, because DIN is the only identity with the help of we can Track who are the owner of the DIN .

DIN is a number which contains 8 digits of unique number and if a director once applies for the DIN then the number will have the validity for the lifetime. By the help of DIN the details of the director maintain in the database.
People often have Question that, what if the director leaves the company and joins another. The answer will be DIN is a specific num
ber which belongs to the particular single director, whether he leaves the company or joins another one, he has to use the same DIN for his identity.

What is the usage of DIN?

DIN has so many usages in body corporate including LLP, for the filing of returns, for the purpose of submitting any application or information under any law, and into all these above mentioned usage we have to mention the DIN exactly beneath of his signature.

Necessary forms for the DIN application

SPICe forms
DIR-3 form
DIR-6 form
All these above mentioned forms should be file electronically and also should be filed digitally after then only we can upload it on the MCA21 portal

DIN application procedure

SPICe form: – For the application of DIN allotment for being a director in new company then it is mandatory to have fill SPICe form only.
DIR-3 form: – If anyone wants to become director into any existence company then they have to file DIR-3 form for the allotment of DIN.
DIR-6 form: – If there will be need to change anything in a particular of the director then it will be file in the form DIR -6.

Followings are the document which is needed to attach with the forms.

With SPICe Form: –

With the SPICe form we need to attach the identity and address proof, DIN will be allotted to the applicant only when the application will be approved.

With DIR-3 form: –

  1. Attachments

• Residential proof
• Photograph
• Identity proof
• Verification ( Name of the applicant, father’s name, date of birth, text of declaration and physical signature of the applicant)
• In case if the applicant belongs to foreign nation then it is mandatory to have the passport as identification.

2. Documents should be attested by the CA, CS and CMA.

All the attachments mentioned above is should be attest by the CS, CA and CMA and they should be whole time practice. And in the case of foreign nations their documents can be attested by the consulate of the Indian embassy and foreign notary.

After of uploading the DIR-3 and documents which will be acceptable by all the online method, the offline payment is not allowed.

3. Generation of DIN

After the payment and the application will be submitted, you will get the system generated application number, then central government will approve or reject. After approving the DIN it will communicate to the applicant within the one month or if the government will not approve they will send the mail of rejection.

With DIR-6 form: –

For the purpose of changing anything we have to file DIR-6 online.

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