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Here are the things we need to know about Jan Dhan yojana


Here are the things we need to know about Jan Dhan yojana.

There are so many schemes and yojana which have made by our Indian governments for the perspective of financial benefit of the people who are financially weak or belongs to the urban area. Thus the only motive of the pradhan mantri Jan Dhan yojana (PMJDY) is to provide at least one bank account to the every two person of one family and provide the loan facility from the particular bank in which they have their bank account. This Yojana has made by the prime minister Narendra Modi in the year of 2014 as his motive is to provide financial services to the low class families and those financial services is like Insurance, loans , credits , pensions. So that they could avoid to take loan or any financial help from any money lender and can avoid the increasing exploitation happing by those lenders. There are the financial services which is provided under pradhan mantri Jan Dhan Yojana like Insurance, Credit, Pension, Remittance, banking, Saving.

Since the scheme has been published around the India (urban and rural areas). The government and private sectors of bank and business correspondent (bank mitr) outlets offers this scheme to the needy one. Now after knowing that what is exactly called pradhan mantri Jan Dhan yojana there are also need to know about their benefit also that we can get by the specified banks.


MOBILE BNAKING: – Do a big thanks to mobile banking because with the help of this system we can easily arrange our fund just by operating the mobile banking on the smart phone or any regular mobile phones. The services could be like money transfer, payments, loan repayments, investments and much more things not only into the state this is applicable all around the world.

INSURANCE:- With the help of the Insurance scheme we have chance to insure our family which provide us the life cover of Rs. 30000 up to 1lakh in the case of death by the accident.

LOAN FACILITY: – once the account holder completes the 6 month of span then they are eligible to avail the loan from the bank up to 5000.

OTHER FACILITIES: – The jan dhan account holders receives the Rupay debit card along with the bank account so that we could easily withdraw the amount at any ATM.

This scheme provides us the insurance policy which we can’t even afford.

We could investment our money into this bank account without having any fear of fraud as the scheme are Aadhaar linked.

We can also get the overdraft facility from the bank and it could be 5000 till the 15000.

If we deposit our earning into the bank then we will also get the interest amount as well at the basis of quarterly.


There are the eligibility criteria of the pradhan mantri jan dhan yojana so that the needy person can avail the benefits of the (PMJDY). These followings are the criteria which we need to follow to gain the facility of the scheme.

  • First of all if we want to apply for the scheme we must have to be an Indian and should have prove as well.
  • There are not any age limit to open the account , anyone who have age of 10 can become the account holder even the minor also have the right to be the account holder but their parents should be registered under the scheme in order to manage the account of minor child.
  • If you already have any bank account then you can transfer it to the jan dhan account so that you can avail the benefits provided by the government.


  • If you are the payee of income tax then you and your any family member are not eligible for the PM jan dhan yojana.
  • If you are the person who belongs to state or central government then you are not eligible for the jan dhan account.

But before getting the facilities of this scheme first of all you must have an jan dhan account, and for opening the account you have these proves which will be the evidence of the Indian citizen. Like address proof (Aadhar card ) and identity proof( 2 passport size photo and driving license or voter’s ID).

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