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How to claim GST refund?


All the business man should file the GST monthly return and mandatory for the business person who have the turnover more than the specified limit, ad while filling the GST returns we have to go through with the lots of mistakes it could be the excess or less payment as well so here we are going to have a look on the process of GST refund that how we can claim the refund if we have paid the extra amount to the government. The extra amount will be shown into the electronic cash ledger those balance can be claim as a refund just after the submitting the form RFD-01. And the refund process will be complete within the 2 years it means you have to wait for the refund till the 2 years from the date of payment.

Here is process to file the RFD-01

Step 1: – login to the portal, go to the tab of service chose “refund” and then chose “application for the refund”.
Step 2: – select “refund of excess balance in electronic cash ledger” and then click on “create”
Step 3: – once you click on “create” in the above step, all the balance which you have into the electronic cash ledger will auto-populate in the form.

Step 4: – after getting the table you can enter the amount which you want to claim and be sure about that the amount should be equal or less than the amount which you have into cash ledger.

Step 5: – after viewing the demand you will get the option of “go back to the refund form”

Step 6: – select the bank account from the drop down here you want to claim the refund.
Step 7: – then select the necessary document which is mandatory to upload to claim the refund. And after choosing click on the “save” button
Step 8: – then click on the preview and submit the process with the Digital signature of the tax payer or you can file it by the help of One time password as well if you able to get the option.
Step 9:- once the RFD-01 will be filed you will get the generated ARN number named by “Refund ARN receipt” you can download that as a PDF document from the tab of “service”>”refund”>”my saved/filed application”.
After this process you can check the status of the return by choosing the option of “track application status” under refunds

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