post office saving scheme


Post office saving scheme- plans and benefit.

Post office saving schemes is kind of the scheme which provides risk free return on investment so that the users can easily opt this scheme without getting afraid of high or low risk. There are around 1.54lakh post offices around all over India as the PPF scheme also have spread their around 8200 branches of the public banks. as every schemes has their own features and benefit same as the post office saving scheme also have their lots of investment benefit which will must force you to opt the post office saving scheme.

Advantages of investment in post office scheme

Easy procedure and documentation:– As all the government schemes need lots of document or long lasting process just because the customer get fed up with the process but into the post office investment scheme the customer need to deposit limited documentation and the very short process so that they can easily pt this amazing investment option.
Easily get Tax exemption:- tax exemption mean if you have opted any investment option than you can easily take tax exemption while filing the Income tax return under section 80C tax rebate as the same post office investment scheme are also one of these scheme which provides the tax exemption.
Interest Rates:– the best part of this scheme is that if you are getting interest through this scheme then your rate of interest will be around 4% to 9% and not only that , this scheme is also the risk free even the minimal risk has involve.
Easy to invest:- It is too easy to opt and be the part of this scheme because its availability and simplicity attract both rural and urban investors to invest more its proved that it is the best investment plan specially for those who can’t afford the high risk and high paying investment.

Our government are very concern towards our financial management that’s why they has made these kind of saving cum investment scheme to support the people, specially who are financially weak . With the help of this scheme you get to meet with your financial goals.

These are the followings updated rate of interests on various post office investment schemes.

  • In the saving account the savers will get the interest as per 4%
  • At the depository of fund just for one year, the saver will get the interest as 5.5%
  • At the depository of fund for two years , the investors will get the interest as 5.5%
  • At the depository of fund for five year then the savers will get the rate of interest will be 6.7%
  • At the five year recurring deposit the savers will get the interest as 5.8% on the RD
  • At the five years of senior citizen scheme the saver will get the interest as 7.4%
  • Monthly income plan for five years 6.6%
  • National saving certificate for five years, then the rate of interest will be 6.8%
  • Public provident fund’s rate of interest will be 7.1%
  • In the case of kisan vikas patra the interest will be 6.9%
  • In the case of sukanya smridhi yojana the interest will be 7.6%

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