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Tax filing solution for the freelancer

Filing of the income tax return is easy for the salaried person who gets the form 16 from their employers so that they can file tax return but how the freelancers can file the tax return. As it is slightly complicated for the freelancers who have more clients and have income from many sources. So in this article we will see how they can make it easy to file tax retune.

When anybody earns by the help of their manual skill then that income would be consider as a professional income and for the tax perspective all the freelancers have to think of their self as a business person and earns by the client as the stores and showrooms have customers. The freelancers can provides much kind of skills like content writing, designing, consulting, and many more services are there and income are taxable to the government.

TDS on the payment

As all the payment provider have to deduct TDS on the payment before paying to the goods or service provider. So the same thing will be applicable on the freelancing because every professional service which is provided by the freelancer are subjected to deduct TDS on the income as 10% under section 194J of income tax act and you can claim the TDS refund as well by filing the tax return.

Claiming expense

The government has said that the freelancers are also the business person that’s why they can also have expense so this is why they can claim expenses as well towards reducing the tax liability. The expenses could be like repair, rent, travelling, meal, office expense, hospitality, advertisement and much more.

Which ITR form is applies for the freelancers.

As there are many forms of income tax return which can be chose according to their source of income. So people often have confusion in choosing the ITR form. So for the freelancers and the professional consultant can submit the ITR form either ITR-3 or ITR-4

ITR-3 applies for those who earns from business or profession and they can declare 50% of the gross receipt as the income.

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