What could be the best option for investment

Investment mean investing the income in order to get high-sky return . people are very fasinated with the results of investments. Every investors wantto invest their money at low risk and want to get high return .But it is probably not possible .Investing income is going on for a long time .but earlier people usedto invest in atraditional way because theywere not familiar with the modern ways of investment.so ifwetalk about the traditional way than it would be like saving in banks and gettinginterest out of principal amount andmany more thingsused to be at that particular timebut now as people wants high returnsby using their income wisely.So now investorsusing the morden facilities to accomplish their wish to grow financiallyand for that they are showing interesttowards modern investment system. Which is given below .

Share market : this is a market where companies can sell and buy their shares very conveniently and get dividend on share but as you all know that every thing has their good and bad both facets that’s why same applicable on dividend because if any company running in profit and getting nice turnover than automatically the share holder also wouldget high return but if the situation is vica versa than share holders have to bear loses .so it could be one of the best option for investment .

Mutual funds : Basically Mutual fund is a company who collects money from small and big all investors and after collecting the huge amount they invest their money in securities like bonds , short term debts and with prestigious companies .so if you are not a huge investor and still want to enter in the world of investment and want to get returns by your income just by sitting at home than you must try this mutual fund investment system .

Fixed deposit : FD is known as one of the best way to save income . So the best thing is about this investment is you don’t need to bear loss .the only thing is required is , you just have to go at any bank according to your wish and deposit a lump sum amount for the fixed tenure with agreed rate of interest and at the end of the fixed tenure you will get you principal amount with interest . Isn’t it nice ,so if you are looking for zero risk with good return you could try this one as well .

Real estate : real estates is all about land , property , right on underground land and air land by which they can sale them to needed buyers and grow their income . So basically if investors wants to really get sky high return and want to take high risk as well .along with that investors must have the huge amount to invest because it is a investment on land which always appreciates day by day .

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